The dark wings lie folded and silent

I cannot see you, for I think that you live outside of time

But in my mind’s eye, I envision each perfect feather held precisely in place

Like a fall of pages, or a fan of playing cards, or a row of teeth

Soft and sharp, all bound together in harmony

I wish that you would open them

Let the air kiss you again

Be borne up by the winds

And come to me

In all my famished loneliness

That you would put your cool hand to my flushed forehead

Brush the hair back from my cheek

Enfold me in your comfort and love again

In all the things that I have no more

All the broken faces could not help me

So I sank alone in the storm

And watched the light fade

So I wish for you to fly to me

Or if not

For wings of my own

So I could come to you

And perch in the boughs of your heart forever


-Jessie Henry